Baby Showers: Ideas, Themes, Games & Gifts in Details

Planning a Baby Shower

It’s time to start arranging a baby shower for your special friend or family member! You might be feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed at this moment, but there is no need to be. There are a lot of excellent tools and ideas out there to help you plan your party. Your Baby Shower Guide is here to help!

Your Budget: When planning a baby shower, don’t forget to set a budget. Generally, the person(s) hosting the shower pays the cost. How much you spend will depend on the size and the style of shower you are hosting. Take into consideration the costs of decorations, games (if any), and prizes.

Setting the Date: When planning a baby shower before the baby’s due date, start organizing it a good six to eight weeks before the chosen shower date. Set a clear guest list by talking to the expectant mom to see who she’d like to have at her shower. If it is an astonishment shower, contact the couple’s family and friends to help with the guest list. Make sure to get everyone’s address, phone number and email address.

You could also wait until after the baby arrives to hold the shower. This is becoming increasingly popular as it allows more gender-specific items such as clothing to be given. It also allows the new mom to show her little one to family and friends. You should check with the mom-to-be to see when she would prefer the shower. 

The Special Touches of Baby Shower

When planning a baby shower, the special touches sometimes help make a baby shower special. Not only can your shower run a little softer, but your mom-to-be and guests will relish your thoughtfulness.

When planning a baby shower for a close friend or family member, keep these ideas in mind. Place helium gas balloons outside your front door to greet your guests and pregnant mom. Or visit an Outlet Store with Party Supplies that provides customized memory banners to welcome your mom-to-be.

When decorating, don’t forget the guest bathroom. Adding a little extra touch with a scented candle or special soap and lotions can warm the room. As your guests arrive, be sure to introduce them to one another. If you plan on having a seating arrangement, place people who know each other or have common interests together.

Arrange a designated driver to pick up your mom-to-be so she can feel pampered and relaxed on the way to and from her shower. Ask someone to be the shower’s appointed shutterbug. Have them take a picture of each visitor with the mom-to-be. Consider having someone videotape the shower too. Ensure there is a designated gift recorder to keep track of who gave which gift.

Provide your pregnant mom with a guest list (including last names and addresses) to help with thank you notes. You can take this one step further and create a game. As guests arrive, have them write their name and address on the envelope and place them in a bowl. Later draw an envelope where the winning guest is given a prize. These envelopes can then be passed onto the mom-to-be all ready for her thank you cards!

If you are hosting a Jack and Jill shower, ensure plenty of men are in attendance for the dad-to-be. When picking invitations, decorations, and party games, keep the men in mind and stay away from lace, the color pink, and anything overly frilly. Ensure you have enough favors on hand for all your guests. It may be a satisfactory idea to have a few extra just in case.

When it is time for your expectant mom to open her gifts, have each person come up and hand her their present. While she is unwrapping, she can introduce the gift-giver to the group and tell a little story about how she knows them. This is an excellent way for everyone to get to know one another.

Surprise your pregnant mom with a unique keepsake from her shower. Frame one of her shower invitations and display it at her party. After her shower, let her take it home as a gift.

The Day of the Shower

If your shower is being held somewhere besides your home, you should arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of your guests. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and have someone assist you with the last minute details. As your guests arrive, be sure to introduce them to one another. If you plan on having a seating arrangement, place people who know each other or have common interests together. To lessen the stress for the mom-to-be, arrange a friend or family member to pick her up and drive her to the shower. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the celebration!

Baby Shower Checklist

Using a checklist when planning a baby shower can help you with each process. They suggest when to mail out your invitations, order your food and cake, and purchase your decorations. More importantly, a checklist can help keep you organized and ensure you don’t forget any essential details.

Baby shower themes can help you simplify your decisions when choosing your decorations, menu, games and party favours. When selecting an article, consider your expectant mom’s taste, your guest list, and the style of your shower. Your options are endless!

Baby Shower Themes: Keep It Simple

  • Blue & White Shower: If you know the baby is a boy, everything from the invitations to the decorations can be in these two colours.
  • Baby Foot & Hand Prints: Party games, favours, and invitations can look or have something to do with ten little fingers and toes!
  • Barefoot & Pregnant: If you plan a casual outdoor barbecue party, have everyone take their shoes off and enjoy the nice day.

Baby Shower Themes: Character

  • Winnie the Pooh: Does your expectant mom have a favourite character from her childhood, such as Winnie the Pooh or Curious George? If so, consider surprising her with it as her baby shower theme.
  • Baby Nursery Theme: What is the baby’s nursery theme? Could you incorporate it into the baby shower? If the expectant parents are decorating their nursery in a circus theme, consider sending out “Under the Big Top” invitations. Have a lot of colourful balloons and serve peanuts and popcorn in paper bags!

Baby Shower Themes: Practical

  • Baby’s Bookshelf: Your theme and decorations can be all about books! You can ask your visitor to bring a copy of their favourite childhood story.
  • Rubber Ducky Tubby Time Shower: Your guests can bring gifts that are used at bath time. Decorations, party games and favours can feature rubber ducks, washcloths & towels.
  • Diary Wiley: Every new mom will need plenty of diapers and wipes. Consider asking your guests to bring a variety of diaper sizes as gifts. This is an excellent theme for moms who are expecting their second or third child and are not in great need of baby things. Invitations, napkins, and games can feature diapers and safety pins.
  • Around the Clock: A different time of day is written in each shower invitation. The goal is for the guest to develop a practical shower gift for that time of day (or night). Your guests and mom-to-be will enjoy seeing how creative everyone is.
  • Around the Year Shower: This theme can work well for large showers. It is similar to the Around the Clock Shower, but guests are designated to buy baby items in different age brackets. Such as 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and up to 2 years of age. The mom-to-be may receive anything from newborn clothes to a potty chair.

Baby Shower Themes: Casual & Fun

  • Pajama Party: This is an excellent second baby shower idea. If your mom-to-be has almost everything she needs for her new baby, consider having a fun girl’s night in. Ask your visitors to arrive in their favourite pyjamas, order a pizza, rent a movie and enjoy some light-hearted girl talk!
  • We Knew Her When: Ask your visitors to bring a picture of the pregnant mom from when they first met her. This could be as a baby, elementary school, or a co-worker. Display them on a bulletin board for everyone to see. It’s sure to invoke some fond memories and fun stories to share with your guest of honour.
  • A 1980’s Theme: Did your mom-to-be grow up in the ’80s? Take her back in time with a theme based on something she loved as a child. For example, if she knows she has a little girl, your theme could be My Little Pony or Strawberry Shortcake. You could even ask your visitors to dress up in their favourite 1980’s outfits and play music from that decade.
  • 9 Months Pregnant: Ask your guests to come “9 months pregnant” (with stuffed pillows), so your guest of honour doesn’t feel out of place. This can be incredibly humorous if your shower is co-ed and the men participate.

Remember adding a theme to your baby shower can be a lot of fun for your mom-to-be and guests. It can also simplify your decision-making concerning your decorations, invitations, and menu selections!

Baby Shower Gifts

If your expectant mom hasn’t registered, you might want to ask your shower hostess for suggestions. She may be keeping a list of items purchased by fellow shower guests and can direct you to baby shower gift ideas your mom-to-be needs. If you are a mom, think back to your favourite baby gifts. Or ask family members and friends who have small children, as they will provide great insight.

Most importantly, remember whether you are looking to purchase something extravagant or practical, try to choose a baby shower gift you will enjoy giving. If your mom-to-be has one or more older children, she most likely has the major items such as a crib, change table and stroller. You may want to look at other unique and fun ways to shower her.

  • Necessity Gifts: Bring a gift the mom and baby would use on a daily basis. Simple but needed items such as diapers, wipes, and feeding supplies.
  • A Meal for Mom: Bring a pre-made frozen meal to help stock the expectant mom’s freezer for her to use after the baby has arrived. Or present her with an IOU promising to bring her one or more home-cooked meals.
  • Just For Mom Gift: Why not give a shower gift just for the mom-to-be? Offer her gift to pamper herself during the last stages of her pregnancy or after the baby is born. Be creative. A hand-made gift certificate to be redeemed for house cleaning or to babysit an older child would be a welcomed gift.


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