Back Pain During Early Pregnancy : Causes & Treatment

First Trimester Pregnancy Back Pain

Many moms-to-be find themselves surprised to deal with many symptoms that manifest during the early phase of their pregnancies. One of the common complaints is early pregnancy back pain. Pregnant women get to feel the pain even before their tummy swells. Especially for first-timers, expectant mothers become concerned with their back pains in early pregnancy. However, they should know that this symptom is a normal part of pregnancy and should be expected. Women might experience back pain in early pregnancy because of several reasons, although this should not really be much of a problem since there are many safe solutions available.

Causes of Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Back pain in early pregnancy can be traced to the increased progesterone level. This hormone softens the ligaments and discs in a woman’s back to allow for the stretching and expansion of the abdominal area. The resultant effect is back pain, although there is nothing to be anxious about as this is normal during pregnancy. In some cases, back pain in early pregnancy can also be caused by urinary tract infection, another joint development during pregnancy. You may wish to confer with your doctor if you are suffering from any form of back pain during the early stage of your pregnancy. He can readily identify the cause and recommend ways to treat it or at least minimize the pain and discomfort.

How to Treat Early Pregnancy Back Pain

The first option in preventing and treating back pain in early pregnancy is by exercising. Most pregnant women should do some stretching and engage in several light cardiovascular exercises. The only anomaly would be in cases of a high-risk pregnancy. Otherwise, these exercises can be carried on for the entire duration of the pregnancy. It would be ideal to start on these activities early on before the abdomen becomes so big it could interfere in some routines. Additionally, you can also research exercise programs that focus on the lower back to relieve pain and prevent further back troubles during the latter phase of the pregnancy.

Observing proper posture can also help manage back pain in early pregnancy. Be conscious of your posture and aim to sit and stand straight. Be sure to get long time of rest, too, to relax your back muscles. There are pain relievers that are safe even for pregnant women. However, do not self-medicate. It would be wise to seek approval from your doctor before taking any medication. By checking with your doctor and by taking good care of yourself, you should be able to skim through your early pregnancy despite the usual back pains. Pregnancy is an excellent episode in a woman’s life. It should not be made any less with back pains.


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