How to Choose Prenatal and Postnatal Bandage. How to Wear a Bandage

Before childbirth and after, we choose and wear a bandage correctly!

The first, second, third, fourth month of pregnancy Day after Day, week after week, and, holding hands with the experiences of the expectant mother, time flies – oh, how fast! Also, quickly, confidently, and joyfully, a mother’s tummy begins to grow, and it becomes more and more difficult to “carry” it with you and acquaint you with the outside world.

So, a straightforward question arises: maybe it’s time to turn to the bandage for help? If yes, how to choose the right one? What are the main indications for wearing an application? How should a bandage be worn? Does wearing a bandage carry any danger to the unborn baby? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

What is BANDAGE? What is it for?

A bandage is a device that provides support for the abdomen (but without squeezing!), As well as the correct position of the fetus in the uterus. The bandage prevents premature descent of the fetus.

Modern bandages are designed to avoid many undesirable phenomena during pregnancy:

  • Feelings of physical fatigue
  • Overwork
  • Volatile and annoying pains
  • Heaviness in the whole body and legs

In medical terms, a well-designed and correctly selected brace will relieve the load from the spine and prevent possible back pain. Another strong plus: friendly supporting the tummy, the bandage will help to cope with the growing feeling of heaviness, facilitate walking and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.


The main indications for wearing a bandage:

You are leading an active lifestyle. Let’s make a reservation right away: working women are the blessing of civilization for you, especially if you are “on your feet” for more than 2-3 hours!

• Back pain, osteochondrosis.

• Pain in the legs, varicose veins.

• Appearance of stretch marks.

• Multiple pregnancies.

• Second, third, fourth – twentieth :))! And, strictly speaking, a second pregnancy, when the abdominal wall is stretched more than during the first pregnancy.

• The threat of premature birth.

Possible contraindications:

There are practically no contraindications to wearing prenatal bandages. But there is a big difference in the opinions of doctors, obstetricians, and gynecologists regarding the need for their use, especially for healthy women who do not experience obvious discomfort.

Some doctors believe, for example, that this is unnatural (however, if so, why did our grandmother’s tie-up with wide scarves long before the advent of modern bandages?) This is one of those questions: “how many doctors, so many opinions.” Therefore, it is better not to neglect the instructions of your doctor and the peculiarities of the course of pregnancy.

When to Wear a Bandage:

Are you in your fourth month of pregnancy? It’s time to think about a bandage! Help yourself avoid unnecessary problems, and the future baby feels more comfortable in current life conditions. It is advisable to use a prenatal application until the last days of pregnancy, depending on the indications and your feelings.

We wear the bandage correctly!

Regardless of the type of bandage, you need to take a break every 3 hours for 30-40 minutes when wearing it. The application must be properly put on, not excessively squeezing the abdominal cavity. There is nothing complicated here. An elementary feeling of discomfort will prompt that the bandage is sitting somehow wrong. Moreover, an instruction with illustrations should be attached to each bandage version. If you buy an application in an antenatal clinic, your doctor or nurse will teach you how to use it correctly.

In any case: if you follow the recommendations for the correct wearing of the prenatal bandage, then it poses NO danger to the BABY!

Variants of modern prenatal bandages

1. Bandage belt. It is put on underwear (it does not need to be washed often) and fixed over the stomach with a Velcro valve. Most models have three valves for additional size adjustment. Worn standing or lying down. Very practical. A big plus: it is convenient in the summer because it does not entirely cover the tummy, the expectant mother will not be too hot.

2. Bandage-panties. With an elastic support insert in front of the stomach, put on horizontally. Since it is used as panties, there is a need for frequent washing. You may need to purchase several of these panty bandages. However, many people like this look because of its simplicity and ease of wearing.


What purposes do they serve?

First, they will help support the stomach and hips and bring them back to their original shape faster. They will also relieve stress from the spine back pain and help in the fight against fatigue. If the doctor allows you to do gymnastics, then by doing some exercises in a bandage, you will quickly achieve the desired results.

Be careful!!!

For wearing postpartum bandages, contraindications are possible:

• cesarean section, in particular, some types of sutures.

• kidney disease, puffiness, etc.

Be sure to consult a doctor, do not expose yourself to unjustified risk for the speedy contemplation of your original forms in your favorite mirror! And in no case do not worry if you have to face restrictions in physical activity sometimes after childbirth. A couple more months and everything will be all right. It is better to “transfer” energy to taking care of the baby. And even better – get more rest, stay in the fresh air and feel happy. After all, only a happy woman can keep her milk for a long time and breastfeed her baby!

Postpartum bandage options

1. In the form of panties made of elastic fabric. Exceptionally comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 2. Universal (combined). Used both before and after childbirth. Modeled in the form of a belt made of rubberized fabric and fastened with Velcro. During the prenatal period, the wide part of the belt strengthens the back, distributing the load, and the narrow part supports the stomach and is fixed under the belly. After childbirth, the belt is turned over “vice versa”: the wide part “holds” the stomach, the narrow part – the back. They are convenient precisely because of their versatility and the ability to save money without purchasing special underwear twice: before and after childbirth.

So, the choice is yours. Before the birth of the most precious creature in the world, or after – it always makes sense to listen to yourself, the advice of your doctor, and decide whether you need such an assistant as a bandage or not. Let your choice be right!

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