How to Deal with Pregnancy Back Pain

Back Pain During Pregnancy: Medication & Tips for Relief

Pregnancy back pain is relatively joint among expectant mothers. Pregnancy back pain often occurs during the early stages of pregnancy, although some women experience it throughout the pregnancy period. If you are pregnant, do not be alarmed if you have pregnancy back pain, mainly if back pains occur until about five months. Pregnancy back pain can range from mild spasms to moderate back pain. Pregnancy back pain is typically characterized by shooting pain in the left or right quadrant.

Pregnancy back pain results from ligaments and discs that have become soft or weak. These provide support to the vertebrae. However, they become dull and vulnerable because of the heightened progesterone levels in the body during the early pregnancy stages. In some women, pregnancy back pain is caused by a urinary tract infection or extra weight. Typically, pregnant women put on several more pounds and the excess weight can contribute to back pain.

As soon as you experience the initial pregnancy back pain, see your doctor for remedies and treatments that are safe for pregnant to take. Typically, doing simple exercises can provide you pregnancy back pain relief. Some activities include walking, gently rocking the pelvic area, doing mini-crunches and bridging. However, before you do any exercise, make sure you consult with your doctor. Exercising is considered a safer and better alternative to taking back pain medications when pregnant. Many back pain medications are not safe for pregnant women. If you need to take medications for your back pain, it should be done so under the supervision of your doctor.

It is more important than ever that you maintain proper posture when pregnant. Whether you are sitting, standing or sleeping, good posture will help minimize your pregnancy back pain, both their severity and frequency. During the later stages of your pregnancy, you will need to change your sitting position constantly. You will also need to avoid standing for long periods to prevent or at least minimize pregnancy back pain.

Treatments Available For Back Pain

There are different treatments available for other patients. There are many treatment options available for back pain, but depending on the cause and type of pain, you should go for the appropriate option. For some people, back pain gets cured within a few weeks of home treatment and careful attention, but some require medications and therapies to get out of the situation. Each treatment has its way of treating the pain. Some of the commonly used treatment options available for curing back pain are:

Below are the treatments but before starting working on it you or your loved one who is pregnant should consult the doctor or the particular master.

  • Medications: Your doctor may prescribe some medicines helpful in curing back pain. The most common ones are non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These block the substances that dilate blood vessels, causing inflammation and pain. 
  • Exercises: Exercise plays a vital role in speedy back pain recovery. Exercise helps the person return to an average home, work and social activities. Some of the helpful exercise programs beneficial in back pain are:
  • 1. Low impact aerobic exercises- Exercise like swimming, bicycling and walking strengthens the muscles in the abdomen and back without overstraining the back.
  • 2. Lumbar extension strength training- These exercises generally strengthen the abdomen, improve lower back mobility and endurance, thereby enhancing the flexibility in the hip and hamstring muscles.
  • 3. Yoga Tai Chi, Chi Kung- Their main aim is to achieve a physical and mental balance and help prevent recurrences of lower back pain.
  • 4. Flexibility exercises- Certain flexibility exercises should be performed which help in back pain.
  • 5. Retraining deep muscles- Some contraction exercises are specially designed to retrain the muscles, effective in acute and chronic pain.

You can also find pregnancy back pain relief by getting adequate rest and sleep. Yoga is also something you may want to try. However, do not start yoga without your doctor’s knowledge or approval. If your pregnancy back pain is severe and is happening more often than usual, your doctor may recommend that you undergo physiotherapy.

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