How To Get Pregnant With A Boy in a Natural and Safe Manner

Want to Have a Baby Boy? Conceive a Boy in a Natural and Safe Manner

If you have come looking for how to conceive a boy naturally and safely, then let me tell you that you are in safe hands now. Every woman dreams about having a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you are looking to conceive a baby boy for any reason, then you can boost your chances now. There are many mid-wives stories, the modern Shettles method, and other theories that claim that there are specific ways that can increase your chances of having a baby boy when applied correctly. These include knowing ovulation days, timing for having sex, and altering your diet. If you are ready to give this a serious try, then you can start preparing to bring all things blue to welcome your bonny boy in the upcoming months.

Determine your ovulation period

The first step to begin with how to conceive a boy plan is knowing your ovulation time. The ovulation time is when the egg is released from a woman’s ovary. If you have sexual intercourse during this period, you have maximum chances of conceiving a child. Hence you need to know this period to start with the first step of conception. Several methods can find the ovulation period. You can find four methods below. Choose the one you prefer.

  • You can chart the calendar every month to know your menstruation days. Note down the menstruation pattern (from the last menstruation day of one month to the 1st menstruation day of the following month). For example, if the noted menstruation pattern for three successive months looks like 25 days, 27 days, and 29 days, then pick the lowest. Subtract 25 days from 16 days (this is fixed) to find the resulting ovulation date (9 in this case). The 9th day and the following three days are the most fertile days of your month, hence the perfect time to have sex.
  • The second method is by checking the cervical mucus. For this, you need to examine your cervical mucus (a watery type of mucus in the vaginal entrance) every day. Before ovulation, your cervical mucus becomes whitish and a bit elastic. You can note down this date. Chart these dates for at least two months to confirm if you are charting the suitable ovulation date (one or two days of fluctuation is ok).
  • The third method is by noting down your basal body temperature, also called BBT in short. For this, you need to use the thermometer to check your body temperature every morning as soon as you get up. On the ovulation day, your body temperature will go very high. This is an expression that your ovulation day has begun. Try doing so for at least two months to ascertain the ovulation date.
  • The easiest method to find ovulation dates is by using the ovulation kit. Ovulation kits are readily available at many pharmacies and also online. You can easily buy them. This ovulation kit will identify the increased level of LH (luteinizing hormone) before ovulation to give you the ovulation day.

When to Have Sex to Conceive a Boy

Now that you have determined your ovulation time, you have equal chances of having a girl and a boy. If you want to know how to have a baby boy, then the timing for having sex is critical. Unlike female (X) sperms, boy (Y) sperms are weak and cannot survive long in the vaginal region. However, they are faster than female sperm. This is why you need to have sex a day prior to and after the ovulation date. This is the most critical step. If possible, have sex on both these days to increase your chances of having a baby boy. Your how-to conceives a baby boy plan will turn out to be successful only if you have sex (better if you have more than once) on the above two days. Having sex 4 or 5 days before ovulation will give more chances of conceiving a girl. Hence avoid it.

What to Remember When Having Sex

To aid the boy sperm to reach the egg faster, the Shettles method recommends deep penetration. This is only done to boost the chances of the Y sperm running faster than the female X sperms and boosting your probability of conceiving a baby boy. Shettles method also recommends that a woman achieve her orgasm while having sex. During achieving orgasm, a woman produces an alkaline substance, which is not conducive for female X sperms but quite beneficial for Y sperms. This will again help the Y sperm to reach the egg faster.

Alter your diet

To conceive a boy, you have to know what kinds of foods you should consume and what to avoid. Since an alkaline environment is most suited for a boy sperm, you can boost your chances of creating this by avoiding acidic foods and increasing your intake of alkaline foods.

Eat more alkaline foods for a week before the ovulation date and a couple of days after ovulation. Include more green beans, mushroom, avocadoes, corn, broccoli, green peas, zucchini, chestnuts, tofu, pumpkins, eggplant, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, dates, raisins, apricots, apples, bananas, peach, pineapple, pear, watermelons, and berries in your diet. These are all alkaline foods. Besides these, you can also consume red meat and sausages, and foods with higher sodium or salt content. These foods help a great deal in building and maintaining the alkaline pH level in the vaginal region.

Eat frequently throughout the day (try having small meals for a week) to increase your energy usage and have higher glucose levels. According to a recent study, this seems good for having a baby boy.

Stay away from dairy products and foods high in calcium and magnesium as much as possible. These foods help create an acidic environment, which is an excellent deterrent in your getting pregnant with a boy mission. You can avoid them for a week before your ovulation and a couple of days after ovulation.

All the above are practical tips on how to conceive a boy. To have a comprehensive, better and more understanding of these points and get some practical and proven tips, check Here. The site is very informative and beneficial for all those women and their partners who wish to have a healthy baby boy.

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