Maternal Care – Pregnancy, Breast, Hair & Teeth

You can often hear that a woman becomes especially beautiful when she is expecting a baby. Sweet, soft, feminine, soulful. She fulfills her most important mission – bears a new life. And for this little unborn little man to feel comfortable under the heart of his mother, the future mother’s mood must be reasonable and peaceful. And how can one feel comfortable here when a rapid restructuring is underway in the body?

Hormones seethe in the blood, throwing it into the heat, then into the cold, for no reason causing bouts of fun, then bitter tears. The vaunted figure slowly begins to sag, and treacherous pimples appear on the always well-groomed, gently pink (to the envy of her friends) face. Willy-nilly, you doubt your attractiveness.

It’s no secret that the female body withstands a considerable load during pregnancy, and it does not always have the best effect on the female appearance.

Such a dual feeling covers a woman in a “position”: the joy that she will soon have a child, and at the same time anxiety: will the condition of the hair, teeth, and skin worsen during pregnancy. She goes through her pre-pregnancy dresses and asks herself if she can wear them after the baby is born? This is the time to calm down, look around you, and see the mothers of two and three children, whose figures young girls can envy. The most important thing to remember is that elementary appearance care and physical education will help maintain beauty!


How to keep the beauty of the breast

This question is of great concern to women in the “position” since, according to many, pregnancy and breastfeeding worsen the shape of the mammary glands. This is not entirely true. Excellent physical health, good tissue condition, and the endocrine system’s perfect functioning would contribute to the formation of beautiful female breasts in the postpartum period, even if the woman breastfed the baby. At the beginning of pregnancy, it is difficult to predict what shape the mammary glands will take after stopping breastfeeding, so some measures must be taken to preserve the beauty of the breast.

Wear a good bra. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the mammary glands increase and become heavy. So that they do not sag, it is not recommended to take off your bra before going to bed. Bra cups should fit the mammary glands well, in no case squeezing them. Changing bras is necessary as the size of the mammary glands increases.

The mammary glands should be washed daily with soap and water at room temperature and wiped with a hand towel. In no case do not apply wet compresses to the mammary glands!

The mammary glands are given air baths for 10-15 minutes several times a day.

Prevent stretch marks (stretch marks) from appearing on the skin. They may arise due to the rupture of elastic tissues. Hormonal or vitamin preparations prepared based on carotene help well. They are taken orally in the form of pills. Vitamin creams are also widely used to care for the mammary glands. Every evening before going to bed and every morning after hygienic washing of the mammary glands and nipples with boiled water, lubricate them with cream. With gentle massage movements of the fingers, rub the cream into the skin of the mammary glands and nipples.

To prevent the appearance of cracks in the skin and maintain the elasticity and tenderness of the skin of the mammary glands, lubricate the skin with creams prepared based on hormones or vitamins.

How to keep your hair beautiful

Many women experience increased hair loss during pregnancy and deterioration of their condition: oily hair becomes even fatter, and dry hair becomes drier.

Suppose the hair is too dry. Bone marrow is melted, filtered, and mixed with rum (4:1). This composition is regularly rubbed into the scalp.

Suppose the hair is too oily. It is not recommended to comb them with a brush. It is advisable to wash your hair more often than usual with liquid acid soap or a special shampoo. Every evening before going to bed (possibly in bed), it is helpful to massage the scalp.

During pregnancy, it is not recommended to do permanent hair waving.

Hair condition will improve if you make a short haircut.

Often during pregnancy, the shape of the face changes: the face becomes more comprehensive, and its features are rougher. Check with your hairdresser for the right hairstyle.

How to keep beautiful teeth

During pregnancy, teeth become very fragile. So what is very important at this time:

– eat foods containing calcium and vitamin C,

– reduce the amount of sugar in the diet to prevent the development of dental caries,

– do not forget to brush your teeth two times a day,

– regularly consult a doctor for a preventive examination of the teeth.


During pregnancy, there is a rapid hormonal restructuring, and as a result, cosmetic skin defects sometimes occur. Among them is the appearance of age spots, the so-called chloasma. In these cases, it is essential to increase your vitamin C intake and sunscreen with UV protection.

As for various cosmetics, there is no reason to exclude them from everyday life. However, you should use proven cosmetic preparations purchased in particular stores and not cause an allergic reaction.

How to choose clothes and shoes

How often do women think that clothes are a secondary concern for pregnant women, especially at home? This is not entirely true. A tastefully dressed woman has a higher vitality because in a good mood, she, as a rule, tolerates pregnancy more easily. At the same time, clothing should correspond to the state of the body: it is necessary that the dress be free, light, seasonal, and not restrict movement.

Bras need to be selected in size to not squeeze the chest and shoulders. From underwear, preferably cotton, which can be changed, washed, and boiled more often. It is not recommended to wear underwear made of fabrics that impede the skin’s respiratory, excretory, and thermoregulatory functions.

If the outerwear is loose and does not press in the waist, it will hide the growing belly and make you more elegant.

The larger the abdomen, the more the anterior abdominal wall muscles are stretched. Due to the prolapse of the stomach, the position of the fetus in the uterus changes. It is recommended to wear a special belt – a bandage, which serves as additional support for the abdomen and uterus to prevent such complications. In addition, it helps to maintain correct posture and slimness. The bandage is put on lying down, and it is laced according to the volume of the abdomen.

It is not advisable to wear panties with tight elastic bands that squeeze the body. But you can wear wide comfortable trousers, shorts, tights.

High-heeled shoes increase the tension in the muscles of the legs and increase the load on the joints. As a result, fatigue increases. For more excellent stability and less stress on the forefoot, shoes with low, broad heels should be worn.

Do not worry that during pregnancy, your figure was deformed. Try to dress fashionably and beautifully, of course, taking into account your condition. Moreover, today it is fashionable to be pregnant: clothes, as never before, tend to emphasize the particular position. Translucent blouses, emphasizing the roundness of the abdomen, sundresses, and tight-fitting (note: not slimming, but tight-fitting!) Dresses, jeans on the hips. Many stores boast a collection of beautiful and fashionable maternity clothes. So it’s time to go shopping and treat yourself, your beloved (now doubly), with an elegant and stylish skirt or a spectacular sweater!

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