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There’s no denying the fact that after you conceive a child and get pregnant, your life will never be the same. Expecting mothers have to overcome numerous struggles on this exhausting, frustrating and embarrassing journey, but the result is marvelous.

In this post, we’ll talk about pregnancy week by week and discuss the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Keep in mind that there are three trimesters in total, and the first one is usually also the hardest. It lasts for 13 weeks; the 2nd Trimester is 14-weeks long.

The third one starts with the 28th week. Usually, ladies give birth on the 40th/41st week. But sometimes, the baby lingers on for an additional 5, 10, or even 15 days. If you take a look at your pregnancy week by week, that will allow you to see the complete picture while focusing on every single 7-day run that you’ll have to live through.

Pregnancy Week By Week – Getting Familiar With The Trimesters

It would be best to find the strength to treat your pregnancy as an adventure rather than a challenge. Yes, we know that it’s pretty hard to cope with all the side effects most of the time. Still, appreciating what you have has never hurt anyone :).

During the very 1st Trimester, a woman’s body is desperately trying to get used to this new reality, and the symptoms are pretty nasty. They keep changing all the time, putting more pressure on your exhausted body.

Get ready to vomit, pee, fall asleep, and be disgusted by your favourite dishes regularly. Fatigue and nausea will be the most significant obstacles on your way, and honestly, there isn’t much a woman can do to fight any of it.

The concept of treating the pregnancy week by week will help you make it through even the roughest patches. Been there, done that. When the 2nd Trimester kicks in, you’ll finally get that bumpy belly, and folks will start to recognize your new “status.”

Growing Big And Learning To Deal With The Symptoms

It might take you a while to show, but rest assured that it will happen. That’s when you’ll need to develop creative ways to tell the folks that you love this exciting news. Plus, during the pregnancy week by week routine, weight gain will become the most important thing for you.

So, make sure to constantly consult with your doc and keep up with the recommendations he/she gives. You won’t have to be super-duper accurate about this, but, again, following the guidelines and keeping those pounds in check is imperative.

Most women claim that the 2nd Trimester is a God-sent: they get most of their energy back and then some. Just remember that if you get the urge to clean the whole house, take care of the most challenging tasks, and/or feel extra horny, that’s normal.

Pushing Forward No Matter What

The 3rd Trimester is like a golden middle when it comes to pregnancy week by week. Most of the time, the symptoms will be bearable, even though there will be some bad days along with some awesome ones. This is the home run for expecting moms if you will.

Childbirth will always seem like it’s around the corner, and you’ll need to get your mind, body, and boyfriend/husband ready for the new member of your family. And, the man of the house will have to be aware of your progress and be prepared to take you to the hospital ASAP if need be.

There’s nothing worse than having painful contractions or realizing that your water broke, only to discover that you’re not ready for this. Just imagine:

  • The bag isn’t packed.
  • There’s no gas in the car.
  • You forgot to “book” the doctors for labour and will have to wait in line with that baby practically coming out of you.

Sounds terrible, right?

Pregnancy Week By Week – Getting Right Into It

Ok, now let’s dive in deeper and see exactly what’s happening every week, both to your and the precious fetus. It won’t be fun all the time, and you’ll find yourself confused and overwhelmed. Still, as mentioned in the beginning, nothing compares to delivering a baby! So, stick with your pregnancy week-by-week guide and enjoy.

The 1st Trimester

In the beginning, the future boy/girl is what’s called an “embryo.” Practically, this is just a bunch of cells that will, eventually, turn into human beings. The First Trimester is a real challenge, and once you get over it, life will get much more accessible.

Around the 4th week, the placenta will be produced. As for the “anticipated” symptoms, they’ll probably kick in during the 5th week. Nausea, exhaustion, and super-sensitive boobs are the most common side effects. Spotting will follow next.

When you’re 1, 5 months in, that’s when the future baby develops its facial features. You probably won’t be able to see that on the ultrasound, though. The feet and hands will come around during the 7th week. At this point, the uterus will be twice as big as in the beginning.

Rapid Growth For The Baby

The 2nd month is when you should start thinking about a proper visit to the doctor. That baby is already moving and kicking in that belly, but the momma doesn’t feel anything yet. The 9-13 weeks period is when the kiddo will start to look a lot like a tiny human being.

And by the time the 1st Trimester ends, all the organs, tissues, systems, and other parts will be in place. Furthermore, the brain will be growing faster with each passing day, as if catching up to the rest of the body.

The fingers, the tows, the teeth, and other cute parts will develop before the 2nd-trimester kicks in. If everything bears according to the plan, you’ll only have one ultrasound session by now. Ok, let’s move on with our pregnancy week-by-week manual.

The 2nd Trimester

This is when things get interesting. Once the 2nd Trimester arrives, you’ll feel a lot better and even find yourself full of strength and energy. The heart and the kidneys will be in place and start to work, and the baby itself will be about 3.5 inches long and weigh +/- 1.5 ounces.

The kicks and twists will come around soon; the kiddo will be able to hear your voice in a couple of weeks. Early into the 2nd Trimester, you’ll feel less sick and more ready-steady. Get prepped for a stuffy nose, though.

Starting with the 16th week, the fetus will increase growth and will pretty much double his/her size in the next ten days. The 18th week will make you feel hungry 24/7, so you’ll have to keep your appetite on a tight leash. Oh, and the kiddo’s private parts will be visible on the ultrasound.

Moving Further Up Towards Childbirth

Made it to 20 weeks pregnant? Congratulations because you just crossed that halfway mark in our pregnancy week-by-week guide. You can start talking to your kid from now on. A week later, you’ll be able to feel the baby’s kicks.

At this point, the fetus will look like a tiny human being. Swelling in your feet/ankles will become the new normal. At 25 weeks pregnant, your hair and nails will look fantastic, and the uterus will be as big as a basketball.

Around that same time, the fetus will start to breathe in and out, which is like practice before the real thing. At the end of the 2nd Trimester, all those cute baby moves like opening his/her eyes, moving around, and hiccupping will also be on the menu.

The 3rd Trimester

Oki-Doki, we’ve made it to the third and final chapter in our pregnancy week-by-week journey. The skin is smooth, all the major body parts are in place, and the baby is pretty much perfecting every single aspect of itself before the arrival.

The brain is still in development, and so are the finger/toenails, among other things. Once you reach the end of this pregnancy week by week ride, the fetus will be about 20 inches long and weigh 7, 5-8 pounds.

The head is getting bigger, the muscles and lungs are getting the right size, and the side-effects are right back at you. Week by week, the pregnancy is reaching its “grand finale,” and the bigger the baby gets, the more pressure it puts on all your internal organs.

Fatigue, mood swings, and mild pain/swelling pretty much everywhere are what you’ll experience during the 3rd Trimester. The famous Braxton Hicks contractions usually happen in week 31/32, and that’s also when the kicks become so strong that they might be keeping you up at night.

Making It To The End Of The Journey

By the 34th-35th week, the uterus will get so big that it will crowd your lungs to the time that it will be hard to breathe. In the last couple of weeks, the fetus will decrease into your pelvis, thus freeing up the lungs but putting more pressure on the digestive system and the bladder, causing constipation and regular bathroom visits.

At 37 weeks pregnant, the contractions will start bothering you again and become more robust and regular. Get ready for some gross vaginal discharge as well. The 39th week is usually when childbirth happens. Watch out for the mucus plug release, severe contractions, and/or water breaking – those are almost 100% actual signs of upcoming labor.

Some ladies go well past their due date and give birth on the 40th, 41st, 42nd, and even 43rd week. That’s quite rare, and only 2% of expecting moms deliver during the 42nd week (even less make it to week 43).

At this point, natural/medical induction will be on the table. If the doctors decide the wait will hurt the baby, they will install it for you. Don’t worry – it’s painless. And that’s pretty much it for our pregnancy week-by-week guide. If you want more information about every detail related to pregnancy information, make sure to check out the individual posts.



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