Pregnancy with One Tube After an Ectopic

Getting Pregnancy with One Tube After an Ectopic in Detail

Any woman experiences stress after an ectopic pregnancy since, in most cases, everything ends with the removal of one tube. For this reason, many girls are interested in pregnancy with one tube after an ectopic. Is it possible or not? As practice shows, it is possible to get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy with one tube, there are chances, but only they are reduced several times. Also, do not forget that there may be consequences after the operation to remove the tube, namely the formation of adhesions. Still, even in this case, pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy with the removal of the tube can happen, although doctors usually do not guarantee.

Pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy with tube preservation does not give bad chances. Still, to avoid problems in planning pregnancy and its development, you should fully restore your strength after the operation. The complex of rehabilitation therapy includes the following activities:

  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs, which is necessary to minimize the risk of adhesions;
  • Physiotherapy procedures, due to which the scar heals faster and the elasticity of the internal tissue is restored;
  • For quick recovery of the body, it is recommended to play sports with a moderate load. To improve blood circulation, you can arrange jogging or walking.

Can You Get Pregnant After an Ectopic Pregnancy?

This has been proven if anyone does not believe that pregnancy with one tube after an ectopic test can be seen and made sure that this happens.

Pregnancy with one left tube after an ectopic makes it possible to conceive a child, and only it may not happen so quickly. In this case, the condition of the whole tube affects the successful conception of a baby. In particular, this applies to its patency. Is there a pregnancy with one tube after an ectopic forum says that if you go through all the procedures necessary to assess the condition of the remaining tube since rare cases surgery can have an adverse effect on healthy organs and then pregnancy is possible?

To date, it is possible to understand whether pregnancy after an ectopic preserved tube can be obtained and to confirm or exclude problems with the fallopian tubes using modern diagnostic methods.

With the help of metro salpingography, pictures of the female genital organs are taken, it is possible to examine the fallopian tube and assess its condition. The advantages include obtaining high-quality images that make it possible to make the correct description: disadvantages – radiation and the unpleasantness of the procedure itself. Also, using this method, you can find out whether there is an ectopic pregnancy after tubal ligation or not.

Hydrosonography uses ultrasound. Contrast is introduced into the uterus. An ultrasonic sensor can detect its movement through the fallopian tubes, and even if the tube was removed during an ectopic pregnancy, then it can be understood whether the pregnancy is possible or not. The advantage of the procedure lies in the ease of its implementation, while there is no need for radiation. The disadvantages include the lack of a picture since the doctor gives only a written opinion describing the course of the procedure.

The choice of one or another diagnostic method will depend on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body. If the left tube was removed after an ectopic pregnancy, these methods are best used by everyone to understand what are the chances of motherhood.


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